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Comprehensive demolition services ensure safe and efficient solutions to providing the path to the future use.

We have years of experience in demolishing and dismantling buildings, industrial sites and other man-made structures. Bringing high levels of industry experience and a new approach, focussing on health and safety, we are dedicated to offering a first-class service from the first contact through to the end of the project. This is the foundation of our culture and the core of our business ethos.

Demolition is not as simple as might be assumed. Long before machinery arrives on site, the structures must be surveyed, hazardous materials identified and removed, and a full plan for the operation prepared, including all necessary safety measures considered. Only then can we move onto preparing for the actual demolition process, based on the results of this plan. Our overall experience of construction & demolition allows us to fully understand how a building was constructed and how best to take it down.

We have the flexibility, capability and experience to deliver a wide variety of projects, always maintaining a high level of service with our clients.

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Delivering on precision, safety and expertise

Downtakings & Asset Recovery at the previous Standard Life Office Building in Edinburgh City Centre

Industrial Dismantling & Asset Recovery of the Darks Grains Project at Whyte & MacKay Distillery in Invergordon.

Downtakings & Asset Recovery of 5-storey City Centre Office Building

Clearing the way for a sustainable future

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Key operational objectives of the company are to identify and maximise opportunities in relation to sustainability, Net Zero targets and minimising our environmental impact. Working with our clients and other stakeholders, opportunities are identified at tender stage and managed throughout the project though the site team and senior management. 

Adopting the hierarchy of control principles, we strive to avoid tasks and activities that have harmful impacts on the environment by elimination,  substitution and the introduction of control measures.

We have well established procedures for waste data collection for BREEAM credit reporting, working to the WRAP Quality Protocols and adopting DoWCoP through CL:AIRE.

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