Whyte & MacKay Distillery, Invergordon

Key Information…

Location: Dark Grains Plant, Whyte & MacKay Distillery, Invergordon
Client: Whyte & Mackay
Project Duration: 12 Months

Core services provided…
Industrial Dismantling
Asset Recovery



Project Overview

Kinetic Demolition were appointed as Principal Contractor to carry out dismantling operations over several work packages in a live distillery. The works were carried out during normal operations of the distillery and during an intense summer shut down period. As you would expect safety was critical with the site being at COMAH site, with ATEX areas due to the production and storage of raw spirit. Our works were also planned around the clients ongoing concerns, with no disruption to the client’s production a key objective.  The works also required the appointment and management by Kinetic of specialist contractors for crane and plant moving operations.

Key Activities

  • Establishing known state of the plant and equipment to be removed.
  • Identifying work packages to be executed by specialist subcontractors.
  • Developing a Hot Work Permit process suitable for a COMAH site and in line with client insurance requirements.
  • Cold cutting and dismantling operations of plant and gantries internally.
  • Hot Work dismantling operations externally with supporting crane operations.
  • Hot Work & Cold cutting dismantling operations internally adjacent to live spirit production areas with supporting crane operations.
  • Removal of two redundant tanks during a short duration summer shut down.
  • Removal of three 70te Stord Driers intact from the production area and transport for off-site recycling.
  • Removal of external 80te Vetter drier.
  • Removal of internal conveyors, elevators, and product transfer equipment througout the site across various production areas.

Project challenges

  • Developing safe working procedures for a COMAH site. Although we already have COMAH related procedures each project on a COMAH site has to tackle the site specific issues encountered. This was carried out in the month long lead in time afforded to us by the client.
  • Quantities of residual and bulk product within the plant and equipment to be removed was unknown and had to be accounted for. Not only was there potential for ignition of the material, the weight of bulk product could be significant. The Stord driers clean would have been 55te but with bulk residue weighed in at 70te.
  • Where possible we utilised cold cutting techniques however hot work was unavoidable. This was controlled by a strict hot work permit procedure with the creation of localised habitats with the required ventilation and extraction.

Throughout the work, Kinetic have been instrumental in the ability for the site to continue production, offering solutions to any obstacles faced by either party. Communication has been second to none, which has been critical to their success on site and this has led to a partnership that will continue with other demolition, dismantling and removal of equipment projects.

Ross Henderson (Strategic Project Engineer) Whyte & MacKay

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