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Proactive and progressive, we think outside the box. We consider your whole project. In addition to the demolition part of the project we also consider its impact on the construction phase or post demolition site use.

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Industrial dismantling

Dismantling involves the careful deconstruction of building components for repair, re-use, repurposing or recycling. Dismantling is different to demolition as the purpose is to conserve, repair or maintain part of the building. It does not involve clearing a site.

We have a fantastic team of experienced site managers, supervisors, plant operators and technicians. We have continuous training plans and apprenticeships in place, to develop and improve our skills, awareness and safety standards on an ongoing basis.

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Asset recovery

Asset recovery should be considered at the very beginning of your project. Many facilities, commercial and industrial, have machinery, equipment, metals and more that are recoverable. Demolition asset recovery turns these assets into positive capital to help offset demolition costs.

Our site managers have over 10 years of industry experience and have worked on a range of extensive and varied projects.

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Asbestos removal

A highly dangerous material; our team are well experienced in the safe removal of asbestos with minimal disruption. We also have experience of removing it from a wide range of environments and can help you to fulfil your legal obligations in relation to asbestos management or preparing for demolition projects.

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