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Proactive and progressive, we think outside the box. We consider your whole project. In addition to the demolition part of the project we also consider its impact on the construction phase or post demolition site use. We also manage the impact on the environment, building occupiers and all stakeholders involved.

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We have a fantastic team of experienced site managers, supervisors, plant operators and technicians. We have continuous training plans and apprenticeships in place, to develop and improve our skills, awareness and safety standards on an ongoing basis.

Our team come from a variety of backgrounds including consultancy, demolition and construction. This gives us a 360-degree perspective of your project.

We have the flexibility and experience to manage large demolition projects. And small enough to deliver a first-class service.

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Plant & Equipment

Our modern, state of the art plant and equipment are both efficient and effective. This means we can constantly deliver project after project with less down time associated with mechanical failures that can result in delays.

The quality of our equipment reflects the quality of our service and the work we deliver, and this is something we take pride in.

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We believe it’s important to support, and play a role in our local community. An investment in the future of our young people. And who knows they might want a career in demolition!

  • Team sponsorship – local youth football Elgin Star
  • Charity Event sponsorship – Business fives, Business fours and local charity events.
  • Equipment, consumables and resource for local nursery school.
  • Local apprenticeship schemes.
  • We demolish on time, on budget and safely.
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